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Yarra River

Although Melbourne is situated on the shores of one of the largest bays on the Australian coast, the city's main water feature is the Yarra River. That's because the city grew from the banks of the Yarra and even today the focus for the city is still very much on a one-kilometre section of the river.

Within that one kilometre are some of the great sights and attractions of Melbourne:

The nicest feature of the Yarra River is its picturesque walks. Once you get away from the concrete of Southgate and walk east down through King's Domain, you can walk for kilometres along the banks of the river without any sense of being in a great city. That's because the city planners have allowed for parklands either side of the roads that skirt around the river, including the Royal Botanic Gardens.

A great web resource for information on the Yarra River is Victoria Parks


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