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Chloe At The Young & Jackson Hotel

The painting, Chloe, and the Young & Jackson Hotel, are other icons associated with Melbourne. The famous painting can be found in an upstairs bar of the equally famous Young & Jackson Hotel, opposite the Flinders Street station. A 19th century French academic nude painting by the master painter, Jules Lefebvre, the painting was a favourite with troops on R&R leave in Australia during the Second World War, especially US marines.

It is a stunning painting and the one of such art and historical significance on display in a public hotel in Australia.

Such is the significance of the painting that during the time the hotel was refurbished, it was moved to the National Gallery of Victoria where it was exhibited.

The National Trust and Heritage of Victoria decreed in 1988 that both the painting and the hotel remain bound together forever. The hotel runs free information sessions, where the origins, history and significance of Chloe are explained.


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