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Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

If you were after one area of Melbourne that best reflects the city's soul, it could be Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. This cafe and food precinct bordering on the CBD is very much like Melbourne in that it is tolerant and accommodating of all types of people. Here you can be Bohemian, poor, rich, alternative, trendy, young or old.

You can drive an Audi TT or ride an old pushbike. You can have 10 earrings in your navel or flame coloured hair, or wear an immaculate business suit - you fit in regardless of what you look like or where you come from.

Brunswick Street is art with a capital A; the people who live here ooze art. It's the best selection of small, unpretentious cafes serving tasty food of any food precinct in Melbourne. It's organic vegetable shops and flowers on the footpath, alternative bookshops and Nepalese wares.

Above all, it's the people walking past on the footpaths - rich, colourful and interesting. You could spend a lifetime in Brunswick Street and not once be bored.


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